Boilermaking and industrial piping

​You design or manufacture pressure vessels, boilerwork elements or pipework elements.

There are many requirements due to the diversity of the materials used, operating conditions of the installation, regulations, construction codes, standards and customer specifications, manufacturing times, control of subcontracting and procurements.

You continuously search for solutions and services to help you and to guarantee quality, conformity and safety of the construction.

Institut de Soudure can assist you throughout your project by providing specific solutions to your needs at all stages of a project.

  • Studies - Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance

  • Training - Certification

​We are a Member of the French Organisation for Safety on Pressure Vessels (ASAP), and we will assist you in defining your equipment according to codes of practice (CODAP, CODETI, COVAP, ASME, etc.), and European standards and regulations in force (European directives 97/23/CE and 99/36/CE).

We will help you to choose specifications for the design, materials, manufacturing and inspection.

We will assist you in producing and verifying your design notes, modelling your structures and setting up test programs.

​Our teams will help you to improve your productivity and the quality of your manufacturing.  They will monitor your welding operations and qualify your welders and welding procedures.

Our Asap (French Organization for Safety on Pressure Vessels) experts are qualified to make a statement about conformity of the equipment that you manufacture with regulations in force.  They take action at the request of your customers to verify the application of inspection procedures, carry out tests or review documents associated with manufacturing of your equipment.

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Technical assistance in Spain

​We can assist you in performing inspection and repair operations on equipment in service at your customers.  If failures occur, our experts have the necessary skills to determine the causes of an equipment failure and make a decision about the conditions under which it can be put back into service.

​ We can assist you in developing the welding and NDT skills of your personnel.

We also offer qualifying training courses aimed at motivated and selected job seekers since we are familiar with the difficulties that you are currently undergoing with recruitment, in partnerships with communities and Job Centres;  we have courses for industrial pipefitters, assembly technicians, industrial welders, inspectors.

We also provide training courses about pressure vessel regulations.