Frames, metallic structures and overhead road traffic signs


​Leaders, designers, construction players, you operate, design or construct homes, offices, industrial buildings, public works, structures for road traffic signs (gantries, frames and tall masts).

Architectural choices, the materials used, regulations, construction times, operating conditions all create many requirements.  You are continuously looking for solutions and services to help you and guarantee that your project will be successful and to enable safe operation of the structure respecting health and safety rules.


Institut de Soudure can assist you throughout your project by providing specific solutions to your needs at all stages of a project.

  • Studies - Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance

  • Training - Certification

​We will assist you in defining components of your structure by checking your design notes, modelling your structures and checking your welding books.

Our technological Assembly, Mechanics – Corrosion platforms are available to help you define the most suitable welding process for your needs, and evaluate the resistance of elements to fatigue and corrosion.

​Our teams will carry out welding audits at your subcontractors and monitor prefabrication of elements and inspection of the assembly, as part of your structure construction project.

We make inspections using appropriate techniques (dye penetration, magnetic flaw detection, ultrasound, etc.) after your elements have been fabricated.

​We provide you with our expertise for in-service monitoring of metallic structures, by using appropriate inspection methods.  Our Cofrend (French Committee for Non Destructive Testing) certified inspectors can work with ropes if necessary.

Our experts will help you determine the causes of a failure and advise you about rehabilitation of an old structure;  performance of necessary non-destructive tests, welding advice for repair.

We work on vertical structures to support road signs to define the zero point and when they have to be replaced or moved, in application of standard XP P 98-550-1.

We will make a complete examination of a structure after an accident and write recommendations for use by transport infrastructure managers for maintenance, repair or replacement of the structure.

​We can assist you in developing the skills of your welding and NDT personnel.  We provide training for your engineers and technicians on the design and manufacturing of welded constructions and on how to write descriptions of welding procedures and welding books.