Nuclear energy

​You design, build or maintain components of nuclear power plants or nuclear fuel reprocessing plants.  There are many requirements related to the diversity of the materials used, installation operating conditions, regulations, codes and specifications.  You are continuously looking for solutions and services to ensure that your project is successful and that what you have manufactured operates economically and safely.

  • Studies - Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance

  • Training - Certification

​We carry out studies on innovative welding processes, new materials, high-tech testing technologies adapted to your products.  We assist you in carrying out dimensional designs for all equipment (pressure vessel, thermal transient, wind, earthquake, vibration) in accordance with standards in force.

​We work on your manufacturing projects through technical welding and metallurgy assistance missions and engineering missions.  We monitor your manufacturing operations.  We assist your in determining your inspection specifications.  We qualify your non-destructive test methods.  We test your new equipment.

We are a member of the French Organization for Safety on Pressure Vessels (ASAP) and we are authorised to decide upon conformity of your new pressure vessels.  We can also work within a contractual framework (second and third party inspection).


​We supervise your non-destructive testing operations during maintenance steps.  We assist you in the choice of your inspection solutions.  We will implement these inspections if you wish.

Finally, we can help you extend the life of your equipment through our expertise and advice.  We can study the harmfulness of defects and possibly validate them.  We advise you about measures to be taken to put your installation back into service.

​We can assist you with development of the skills of your welding, inspection and NDT personnel.