Exploration and production

​You are in the business of designing, constructing or operating offshore or onshore oil or gas production platforms. Constraints on the materials used, construction lead times and production requirements are manifold

Institut de Soudure can assist you throughout your project by providing specific solutions to your needs at all stages of a project.​​​

  • Studies - Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance

  • Training - Certification

​Regardless of the location of your project, our teams are in a position to work hand in hand with you in the conception and design of your facilities and the development of welding or testing procedures that best suit your expectations in terms of productivity, reliability and safety.

To meet these expectations, we rely on our technological hubs in Lorraine, which specialise in the design of assembly procedures, their performance and their suitability for your specific needs; in assessing the mechanical resistance and resistance to corrosion of weld assemblies and structures; in developing innovative inspection methods.

In accordance with your needs, we can provide you with targeted assistance in your construction project, like, for example, the provision of testing or inspection services on your facilities under construction or broader help in terms of technical assistance.

With this in mind, we can call upon a large number of experts whose diverse backgrounds (welding, inspection, testing, etc.) will help you to achieve your lead time, quality and productivity objectives at your sites or at your subcontractors.


​In order to limit the financial impact on your productivity delays to the minimum, we offer targeted inspection plans on the most exposed areas of your production sites.

Our systems can map exposure to the risk of damage and its criticality, schedule regular inspections and provide the most appropriate prevention or repair solutions. We can therefore optimise inspection schedules, focusing on the risk area and optimising dedicated technical resources.

​We work hand in hand with you in developing the competence of your personnel in welding (all processes from welder level to engineer), metallurgy, weldability, corrosion, conception and design, non-destructive testing and inspection.