You work in the refinery sector.  There are many requirements due to the diversity of the materials used, operating conditions of the installation, regulations and specifications.  You are looking for solutions to guarantee that your refinery will operate economically and safely.

Institut de Soudure can assist you throughout your project by providing specific solutions to your needs at any stages of a project.

  • Studies - Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance

  • Training - Certification

​We will assist you in selecting the welding process that you will use to help your  equipment being constructed under optimum quality and productivity conditions.  We will assist you in carrying out design studies on all equipment (pressure, thermal transient, wind, earthquake, vibration), in accordance with standards in force.

​We will assist you in manufacturing your equipment, particularly by monitoring your assembly operations and qualifying your welding procedures and welders.  Our missions may form part of a regulatory framework (pressure vessels) or they may be done within a contractual framework (second and third party inspection). 

We can also help you verify the quality of your equipment by carrying out appropriate non-destructive tests (X-ray, TOFD, Phased Array, etc.) after welding operations. 

​We can assist you during your major shutdowns:

management of inspection work and testings;

assistance to inspection services for the preparation of files;

inspection of pressure vessels and pipes during shutdown;

inspection and regulatory re-qualification of pressure vessels and pipes;

recommendations for repair and monitoring of repair work;

carrying out NDTs during shutdown;

study of defect harfulness (shape defect, corrosion, crack, etc.);

production of submission files for the re-commissioning authorisation by DRIRE        ( French Regional Department of Industry, Research and the Environment).


​We work hand in hand with you in developing the competence of your personnel in welding (all processes from welder level to engineer), metallurgy, weldability, corrosion, conception and design, non-destructive testing and inspection.