Rail transport

​You design, manufacture or maintain rolling stock with an aim to safety, performances, reliability and competitiveness.

The Welding Institute can assist you throughout your project by providing specific solutions to your needs at all stages of a project.

  • Studies - Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance

  • Training - Certification

​Our technological Assembly, Mechanics, Corrosion and NDT platforms are available to help you carry out any studies necessary to define which of the most innovative welding (Laser hybride, FSW, TOPTIG, etc.) and inspection processes will best help you achieve the optimum quality and reliability.  We make extensive use of digital welding and check simulation (Civa software) to validate the methods used.

Our Mechanics – Corrosion platform is equipped to evaluate the fatigue strength of components making up your equipment and more globally the in-service resistance of large structures (24-meter test slab to carry out multi-axial tests up to 2 500 kN) such as rolling stock.

​We can monitor welding operations on your equipment in your plant or at your subcontractors, we can provide advice with welding and offer help with the development of a new process.  We can also qualify your welders and your welding procedures.

More generally, we can assist you with the preparation of welding quality certification EN 15085 which is now essential for all suppliers to the railway industry:  welding quality diagnostic;  training in IWT, IWE;  welding coordination;  non-destructive testing services.  Note also that Institut de Soudure Industrie (Industrial Welding Institute) is authorised to issue EN15085 certification and its certificates are recognised by Alstom Transport and Deutsche Bahn in Germany.

We can assist you with developing the skills of your welding and NDT personnel.  In particular, we prepare your personnel for international welding diplomas, in readiness for the EN 15 085 certification of your Company.