Maritime industry

​You design, build or maintain ships, pleasure boats, port or river facilities with an aim towards safety, performances, reliability, and competitiveness.

Institut de Soudure can assist you throughout your project by providing specific solutions to your needs at all stages of a project.

  • Studies - Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance

  • Training - Certification

​Our technological Assembly, Mechanics, Corrosion and NDT platforms are available for you to use in studies to define which among the most innovative welding and inspection processes will be best suited to help you achieve the optimum productivity and safety.

We can also assist you in defining your products through our design and calculation tools (sizing, fatigue, etc.).

​We can monitor welding operations on your equipment in your own factory or at your subcontractors, and offer advice and help you with the development of a new process.  We are also capable of qualifying your welders, welding procedures and materials.

Finally we can help you with in-manufacturing inspection of your ships, liners, methane carriers.  The methods used include X-ray, magnetic flaw detection, dye penetration, ultrasound.  These inspections may apply to many elements including welding of pipework, welding on the hull, boiler, etc.

​We provide you with our expertise for in-service monitoring of your ships.  We do this using the inspection methods most appropriate for the application.  Our Cofrend ((French Committee for Non Destructive Testing) certified inspectors work with ropes if necessary.

Our experts are capable of informing you about the causes of damage and giving advice about the rehabilitation of ship components by performing on-site chemical analyses, technical assistance, non-destructive tests, advice for repair.  Some studies evaluate the harmfulness of a defect and make a decision about the usability of components with or without repair.

We can assist you to improve the knowledge and skills of your welding and NDT personnel.  In particular, we can prepare your personnel for international welding diplomas.