Non destructive testing

Institut de Soudure provides a complete range of non-destructive testing (NDT) services from the development and industrialization of processes, through to their application on site, and including the training and certification of personnel.


Institut de Soudure has been involved in NDT from its very inception: It thus contributed to the establishment of Cofrend in 1967.


In order to accompany you in your projects in France and internationally, we can provide:

A technological NDT platform dedicated to the development of innovative inspection techniques for metallic and composite materials.

Over thirty training schemes to learn how to recognize defects affecting constructions, how to implement processes how to understand and apply obligations with respect to radioprotection. Training  in NDT.

Four COFREND-approved examination centres to achieve certification in the various methods (dye-penetrant, ultrasonic, electromagnetic, x-ray inspection).

A team of experts to accompany industry in the adaptation of the most innovative methods in relation to their most complex needs.


Our services

Over 200 certified inspectors on call for industry, to implement the best inspection solutions and thus guarantee the quality of manufacture.
Conventional techniques (visual inspection, dye-penetrant, electromagnetic, x-ray, ultrasonic, thickness measurement)

Testing by conventional process : X-ray, magnetoscopy, penetrant

Testing by acoustic emission

Testing by digital x-ray

Testing by gammagraphy   with a reduced exclusion zone

Testing by TOFD

Testing by Phased Array

Testing by ACFM

Testing in blockhaus