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 Metallographic replicas

Go for a fast, accurate and sample free assessment of the integrity of your equipment

Why using replicas?

To check the microstructure of a new equipment as accurately as in a laboratory

To follow-up the metallurgical structure of in-service component at regular inspection intervals combined with an examination of mechanical properties through hardness testing

To identify the nature and the origin of a surface-breaking defect or a crack (welding or material defects, fatigue or stress corrosion cracks, creep voids detection…)

To assess the possible metallurgical damages caused by a fire

Why choosing Institut de Soudure Industrie?


Our experience of 30 years in the field of replicas (petrochemical, thermal and nuclear industry…)

Our staff of 15 international experts

Our ability for innovation with the development in partnership with Total of a specific procedure for the detection of creep damage at early stage (detection of creep microvoids)

Our technical skills which enable us to be the only third party service provider for EDF to follow-up thermal and nuclear power plants

Our references with many replicas performed in France and abroad for Total, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Technip, Saipem, EDF, GDF, Alstom, CMP, Total Petrochemicals…

The technique

A standardized technique (ASTM E 1351, ISO 3057) which can be implemented on most metallic materials using portable polishing and etching devices and a field optical microscope
The procedure to carry out metallographic replicas includes at least five stages
1. Local grinding to eliminate surface layers (paint, decarburised layers, oxidation…)
2. Mechanical polishing using abrasive papers and diamond paste
3. Chemical or electrolytic etching of the polished area to reveal the microstructure
4. Replication of the microstructure with a cellulose acetate film
5. Observation of the structure with an optical microscope or a scanning electron microscope





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