Investigations, Consultancy, Stress calculations, Design

 Investigation, consultancy, stress calculations and Design

We have a team of multidisciplinary experts able to deal with questions concerning the design, manufacture and in-service monitoring of equipment, and capable of analyzing the causes of failure. On the strength of such skills, the team is regularly consulted by legal experts in the aftermath of major incidents.

The structures handled by our specialists may or may not be welded. They are generally metallic and come from very diverse industrial sectors: petrochemicals, civil engineering, motor industry, etc.

The choices and approaches adopted by Institut de Soudure in this field are directed by Alain Michel, a world-renowned "Fellow" expert. Our experts.

Our missions

On-site metallurgical testing by metallographic replicas

Studies on the nocivity of defects or the fitness for service

Design studies and stress calculations

Welding quality recommendations and audits

Metallurgical investigations and failure analyses

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) analyses

Our facilities

Structural stress calculations by digital or analytical methods

Failure or behavior simulation tests

Metallographic examinations

Mechanical tests, chemical analyses, corrosion tests