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 Arc welding with coated electrodes

Be able to weld in quite positions of the assemblies of sheet steels or tubes to answer your constraints of production or statutory

Concerned public

Welders, boilermaker and pipe-fitters, wishing to improve their performances and competences according to which welder's qualification could be envisaged

Objectives of the training course

To Prepare in the examinations of qualification of following welder:

ISO 9601-leaves 1 to 4

ASME and the others

Specification private individual


At the conclusion of the training course, you will be capable:

To weld assemblies butt welding in any positions

To weld pipings and prickings in any positions

To interpret your DMOS

To prepare the pieces in  according to epaisseurs and to position of soldering

To adjust your power source

To estimate your fuse area by correcting your errors of location, to obtain a quality weld

Their level of gravity according to the class of popular weld to recognize defects of the welds and to evaluater

To apply the corresponding corrective actions

To know and to apply the rules of health and safety


Contents of the course

Theoritical lesson

Principle of the process of application

Power source

Parameter of soldering

Preparation of the edges

Metodes of soldering

Defects of weld following ISO 6520-1

Notion test of welds

Health and safety

Practical Lesson

Execution of differents assemblies under the direction of a trainer experimentéd and qualified, in the increasing order of the difficulties in connection with the objective of the training.

Type of joints: angle to exterieur, angle to interieur, covering(collection) and end has end.

Soldering of piping, prickings in quite positions

Controle visual, by texture and\or radiography of the assemblies

Worked materials

Steels , stainless steels

Evaluation of the training course

Controle of the knowledge acquired on the last practical test(event)

Corrections and comments

Report of training course

Most this training

Training leading to a qualification:

examination of qualification at the end of training course

Individualized training! Evaluation of your practical knowledge in the start of the training course to adapt the program according to your objective

Open training course



To adapt in according to your objective
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