Know how to read a plan of network of piping to extract the necessary information in its manufacturing

Concerned public

Staff in piping, boiler making, maintenance, preparation and engineering consulting firm. Training adapted to persons having no knowledge in reading of isometric plan, or already having notions isométric and / or having a good level in reading of plan.

Objectives of training cours

For the beginners:


To know the representations various of a line of piping

Locate elements and accessories of a line of piping on a plan

Tablecloth of piping to be capable of realizing a simple representation of a line or multiple lines

For persons in perfection:


To make a line of piping completes with its quotation and its list

Calculate and prepare the exit material following a line of piping

To make a plan according to several modes of projections, further to a statement of on-site quotations.

Contents of the training

Reminder of the bases of the technical drawing

Reminder and revision of the projections various

Conventional representation on a plan of manufacturing

Establishment and exploitation a list from an overall plan

Calculation and preparation of line of piping (support and reduction…….)

Principle of an orthogonal projection in single-wire representation and double-wire

Representation of a line of piping it isometric

Locate and identify various accessories of simple piping

The current standardization of the tubes, bridles , reductions...

Studies of examples of piping on plans of installation

Practical course

Exercises on the modes of projections

Réalisation on isometric paper of miscellaneous lines and tablecloth of piping

To do the location of the pipings with regard to the plan

Exercices : calculation of quotations  outline

Doing of quotation on site

Doing the list with regard to some exercices plans on the modes of projections

The Most of Training

Individualized training : evaluation of your practical knowledge in the start of the training course to adapt the program according to your objectives

Exercises diverse reading of plan on generaux plans and / or your company(society)


5 days

Other dates or site : consulting us