Reading of plans

To understand, to  analyze, to decompose mentally the whole plan of manufacturing, details or subsets of parts to be able to make the assembly, the conception and the cognition of the represented parts.

Concerned Public

Staff working in piping, boilermaking, sheet metal workshop and maintenance.

Training(formation) adapted to persons having no knowledge in reading of plan or wishing to perfect


Contents of the training course

 Theoritical Course

Demystification of a plan

General reminder of the technical drawing

The particular views

Cuttings view and sections

Cartridge and the check list (characteristics and designation)

Location of élemants

The indications

The various types of quotations

Tolerance size and geometrical

Symbolic representation of the assemblies


Practical course


Exercises on the modes of projection

Mental identification of the differents elements (method by eclatement)

Concretisation of the analysis by the realisation of sketch freehand constituent elements of the set

Search for quotations of manufacturing and quotations of assembly

Chronological research following the order of assembly  and the means to reach there (soldering, screwing, etc.)

Explanation and comments


The Most of Training


Individualized training : evaluation of your practical knowledge in the start of the training course to adapt the program according to your objectives

Exercises diversen reading of plan on generaux plans and / or your company(society)



5 days