Know how to realize the intersections and the developpements of part before manufacturing or repair

Concerned public

Staff in piping, boilermaking, maintenance, preparation and engineering consulting firm.

Training adapted to persons having no knowledge in drawing, but which know how to read a plan of manufacturing or having good bases in drawing, reading of plan and isometric


Objectives of training course

 Acquire rules and methods of drawing in descriptive geometry

Define the developments of simple industrial pieces by drawing and by calculation

Credit note of the notions on the simple intersections of volumes

Determinate the developpements of complex volumes

Being capable of realizing a complex intersection

Know how to realize sizes of drawing


Contents of the training

 Theorical lesson adapting and being able to contain

Revision of simple tracing

Revision projection orthogonal, geometrical basic plans

Method of developpment for the volumes by plan

Drawing by mathematical (trigonometry)

Calculation of developpment length (pieces folded, arched)

Intersection of simple volumes (cylinder / cylinder. Cone / cylinder)

Drawing of hopper, season

Prickings on bottom convex, diverse volumes

Drawing in thickness (method and developpment)

Intersection said clogs, foot of hind etc....


Practical course

Exercises developpment of volume

Verification by practical application of the exactness of plans (methods and precision)

Realization of cardboard models

Exercises of developpments complex

Realisation of sizes of drawing

Drawing and realisation of prickings with preparation of chamfer for the solderin

The Most of Training

Individualized training : evaluation of your practical knowledge in the start of the training course to adapt the program according to your objectives

Exercises diverse tracing of plan on generals plans and / or your company



5 days

Other dates or site : consulting us