Training and certification


Institut de Soudure Industrie  is an international leader in refresher training in welding and non-destructive testing. The courses are provided, in France or abroad, at our training centres or at company premises.
The training courses, whether they are listed in our catalogue or bespoke, are aimed at all levels of skill: from beginners to experienced engineers.

The training courses cover all aspects of welding:


The technology, with courses on metallurgy, processes, weldability, manufacturing, damage mechanisms, regulations and inspection

  Technological courses

The practice of welding in all industrial processes

Practical training

Preparation for the international welding diplomas, in accordance with the IIW (International Institute of Welding) syllabuses

  International training courses

Testing of welds with courses on non-destructive testing techniques, preparation for Cofrend certification and training in the principles of radioprotection

 Non-destructive testing and radioprotection courses

We provided as well Initial training for job-seekers and employees seeking reconversion training, in the context of partnerships with Employment Agencies, regional councils and companies. 
Worldwide, all our courses are provided at the customers’ company or at a partner training centre, like, for example, in Tunisia where we collaborate with the Cetime.  We can deliver all our courses in English. For more information, please, contact our international centres (Morocco, Indonesia, Thailand) or, for the countries where  we are not installed , our international department in Villepinte.



Certification of personnel

Institut de Soudure Industrie also contributes towards the certification of personnel through its four examination centres, which are approved:

by Cofrend (Confédération Française des Essais Non Destructifs) for non-destructive testing,

by AFS (Association Française du Soudage) for welding inspectors.  

by ASNT, The American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

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