Welding technological training


​Institut de Soudure Industrie provides technological training courses, which are essential to understand and master the assembly of metals by welding and brazing.


These training courses cover the design of assemblies, the metallurgy of welding, damage modes such as fatigue and corrosion, and the different welding processes.


In order to provide companies with complete expertise, we also provide training courses in welding inspection, in regulations and codes currently applicable, as well as courses to prepare welding inspectors for certification


Worldwide, our courses are provided at the customers’ company or at a partner training centre, like, for example, in Tunisia where we collaborate with Cetime.  We can deliver any courses in English. For more information, please, contact our international centres (Morocco, Indonesia, Thailand) or, for the countries where  we are not installed , our international department in Villepinte.


 Examples of courses

Foreman's essential of welding technology

Construction and design of welded structures

Metallurgy, introduction and basics