Inspection of new or in-service equipment is one of our specialist fields.

Our inspectors intervene at the request of industry in France and world-wide to monitor the manufacture of equipment, and to validate operating processes and inspection procedures.

Our inspectors also intervene on industrial sites to inspect equipment in operation or shut down. They elaborate and implement inspection plans. These actions involve non destructive testing and culminate in reconditioning recommendations.

As a member of the Association for the Safety of Pressure Vessels (Asap), Institut de Soudure Industrie intervenes on new and in-service pressurized equipment, in the context of regulatory inspection services. We qualify the operating processes for permanent assemblies, as well as the personnel responsible for such operations.

We support companies, major corporations and small/medium businesses, for the introduction, on their premises, of the modernization plan for their industrial installations with a view to anticipating the consequences of the ageing of their equipment.

The Institut de Soudure strategic choices in the fields of inspection and regulations are directed by Michel Rousseau, an internationally renowned "Fellow" expert.