Mandatory inspection

Institut de Soudure Industrie belongs to the Association pour la Sécurité des Appareils à Pression (ASAP) – Association for the Safety of Pressure Equipment, a French organization, approved and notified in Brussels for evaluating and monitoring regulated pressure equipment.

As such, our Asap inspectors are called upon to evaluate the compliance of new pressure equipment: reactors, spheres, pipes, transportable tanks. They can be assisted in their evaluation by the Design studies / stress calculation cell.

We also intervene on in-service pressure equipment: identifying regulated equipment on site, commissioning, inspection and periodic requalification, repairs, applications for regulatory waivers. 

These missions may be linked to additional services: Non Destructive Testing, Management of equipment assets, Rope access.

Since 2007, when Asap competence has been recognized by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN : Autorité de Sureté Nucléaire), we have also intervened on new and in-service pressure equipment for the nuclear sector.

Institut de Soudure Industrie is also approved to undertake personnel qualification and qualification of operating processes for permanent assemblies (QPAP and QMOAP).

Our offers

Compliance of new fixed or transportable and TMD pressure equipment

Requalification and periodic inspection of new fixed, transportable and TMD pressure equipment

Qualification of personnel and of operating processes for permanent assemblies

Regulatory inspection of small vessels