Second and third party inspection

Institut de Soudure Industrie inspectors are mandated by industrialists to monitor manufacturing of their equipment, accept their raw materials, validate their welding operating processes or their inspection procedures, evaluate their welding co-ordinators.

Our teams intervene in France and abroad on new and in-service installations: industrial equipment (reactors, tanks, pipes, and troughs), metallic structures, civil engineering structures, signaling equipment, etc.

On industrial sites, our interventions are conducted within periodic inspections, shut-downs or in view of the overall management of complete equipment assets.

The mission undertaken by our teams may be targeted or more general, such as technical support services, in particular on major projects on an international basis.

We also assist companies for welding certification in accordance with standards NF EN ISO 3834, NF EN 15085 for railway applications and EN 1090 to manufacture  steel and aluminium structures.

Our complete range

Monitoring of welding operations

Preparation and monitoring of shut-downs

Inspection of road signs and structures

Inspection and corrosion protection of civil engineering structures

Management of equipment assets and criticality studies

Railway certification to NF EN 15085

Welding quality assurance certification to NF EN ISO 3834

Technical support for projects

Inspection also includes:

Training sessions to be an International Welding Inspector (IWIP), to upgrade one's knowledge, to integrate the regulatory and quality requirements, to be familiar with the different codes ...

Our examination centre in Villepinte is approved for the certification of welding inspectors in accordance with the requirements of standard XP A 88120 and the criteria specified by the Association Française du Soudage (AFS).

  Certification of welding inspectors