EN ISO 3834 Certification


The EN ISO 3834 standard is already mentioned in many product specifications: the EN 13445 standard concerning the design and manufacture of pressure equipment, standards EN 14025, 13094, 12493 concerning tankers transporting dangerous materials, standard EN 12952-5 for the manufacture of boilers or EN 12732 for piping.

Certification is based on the assessment of 22 requirements divided into 5 topics: the quality organisation (review of requirements, subcontracting, nonconformity, records), skills management (coordinators, welders, inspectors), process management (DMOS, QMOS, heat treatment), workshop organisation (storage, production equipment, safety), inspection (visual, NDT, records, calibration)

​​The major customers are increasingly requiring application of standard EN ISO 3834. Some of them, notably the oil companies and manufacturers of lifting equipment, have already incorporated the supplier compliance requirement into the standard. More than ten certifications have been issued. The application of certain standards (EN ISO 9606-1 for welder qualifications or ISO 24394 for the aerospace sector) will enable manufacturers to leverage their certification. IS Certification also took part in integrating the EN 3834 requirements into the R-CCM design code.

​​Certification of your welding organisation by an accredited body is a guarantee of performance for which demand is constantly rising


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