Non Destructive Testing Laboratory

The activities of the NDT platform are deployed across two sites: at Yutz for "Industrial Maintenance" and at Saint-Avold Porcelette for Composites through the Composite Integrity company.
The industrial maintenance laboratory is devoted essentially to the development of inspection and monitoring methods for in-service structures (hot inspection, no-contact inspection, overall inspection, inspection of complex geometries etc.).
Composite Integrity, a joint subsidiary of Institut de Soudure and PPE (Pôle de Plasturgie de l’Est), provides NDT services and development in the field of composite materials. The company uses a comprehensive range of innovative techniques supported by the facilities established by Iseetech (Institut Supérieur Européen de l’Entreprise et de ses Techniques), in the context of a tripartite partnership between Iseetech, Institut de Soudure and PPE.


The NDT laboratory provides concrete solutions to companies who wish:

To inspect inaccessible zones

To inspect complex geometry parts

To automate non destructive testing operations

To inspect complex materials (anisotropic, heterogeneous)

To monitor installations in operation

To optimise NDT techniques, by using digital simulation

To optimise inspection times

To advance knowledge in the field of composite techniques

To develop research in the characterisation of large dimension composite aircraft structures

To define solutions for rapid NDT during maintenance operations


Hot inspection

No contact inspection

Overall inspection (acoustic emission, guided wave etc.)

CIFM, COSAC, certified personnel





Ultrasonic water jet

Single and multiple-element ultrasonic



The NDT platform contributes towards numerous projects: