Located within the Institut de Soudure regional centre at Yutz, in its desire to remain close to the Industrial Research and Development teams and the students at EAPS and ESSA, the Institut de Soudure documentation centre possesses a wealth of documentation, of which the oldest works date back to the end of the 19th century.

As soon as it was established, in 1906, the Office Central de l'Acétylène, which in 1947 became Institut de Soudure, understood the importance of capitalising on scientific and technical information for the development of its activities.
With the advent of the new information and documentation technologies over the last twenty years, which has resulted in the development of new dedicated computerised tools and the explosion of the Internet, Institut de Soudure understood the need to evolve in order to obtain the greatest benefit from its own documentary assets and innumerable resources which are now accessible on line.

Documentary services

All the services proposed are subject to a single fee, which is related to the complexity and the extent of the research work to be performed. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Bibliographical research

From a given subject, the Documentation department is able to undertake bibliographical research on your behalf, enabling you to gather the information necessary to solve your problems. This type of service is provided in several detailed stages :

discussions with our team of librarians, in order to best apprehend the purpose of your request for information;

Searching information from both the Institut de Soudure bibliographical data basis (ISDOC) and other principal recognised scientific and technical data basis; in-depth research on the Internet.

Supply of a list of bibliographical references including in particular the title and summary of the documents (articles from periodicals, papers, standards, patents, etc.) covering the subject of the research, to enable you to identify the publications which deal with the subject of your research.

On completion of the bibliographical research, as far as possible,we will give you the source documents which interest you. If it is impossible for us to provide the documents directly, we shall do everything possible to facilitate their purchase.

Documentary monitoring

If you have a recurrent problem, or if you wish to be kept constantly informed of the evolving market or a particular technique, the Institut de Soudure documentation team can establish a documentary monitoring service, which consists in using  all the searching tools for our bibliographical research. You can thus benefit, at a frequency which best suits your needs, from a regular flow of information on the subject of your choice.

"Soudage et Techniques Connexes" (welding and associated techniques) magazine

Mars Avril 2011vignette.jpgEvery two months, you will find all the information of interest to you in the only magazine in French which is strictly devoted to welding, cutting, surface treatments and non destructive testing. Each issue includes:
A News section, which reports on the evolving markets and technologies, as well as on the main past professional events and those in preparation (conferences, trade shows, etc.).
A Monitoring section, which keeps readers abreast of the publication of new standards which could impact their activities. A press review, which aims to provide a summary of the world-wide scientific and technical publications is also included, together with a selection of recently published papers; Finally, a section on Studies and Research, in which renowned scientists and engineers publish a summary of their main research works (fundamental or applied).
Publication frequency: bimonthly
ISSN: 0246-0963
Price: France: 88.50 € incl. VAT for a 12-month subscription; 14.80 € incl. VAT per issue
Abroad: 116.50 € incl. VAT for a 12-month subscription; 19.50 € incl. VAT per issue
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E- Bookshop

Ouvrages techniques commercialisés par le service Documentation-vignette.JPG

We provide a selection of reference books in the field of welding and associated techniques.


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