The standardisation for welding in France is organised around three players:
Afnor, Institut de Soudure, UNM (Union de Normalisation de la Mécanique - Mechanical Standards Union) :

UNM, as the sectorial standards office for mechanics and rubber, runs the seven French standards commissions on welding (CNS).

Afnor provides the secretarial function for the ISO-TC44 "Welding and Associated Techniques" technical committee and for the CEN-TC121 "Welding" sub-committee.

Institut de Soudure acts as the Technical and Strategic Director within the French Standards organisation, on the strength of its expertise in welding and non destructive testing. Its experts are involved in the work of French, European and international groups. In fact, out of 117 subjects currently under discussion, three quarters concern ISO standards. A stronger participation by industry is therefore essential, to ensure that France can keep its historical position as a proposing force in international circles.