Institut de Soudure, as the Industrial Technical Centre for welding, conducts numerous research programmes in the context of international projects, joint studies linking several industrial firms or requested by the profession.

Research projects

Institut de Soudure takes part in research programmes in partnership with industry, research centres and universities.
Institut de Soudure is thus involved in the work of several competitive poles: Aerospace Valley and Pôle Européen de la Céramique – European Ceramics Pole (PEC). The cross-frontier MIPI pole, of which Institut de Soudure was one of the founding members, has now amalgamated with PM2I (Process for the Implementation of Innovative Materials) based in Champagne Lorraine, to form Materalia.










Joint studies

Joint studies are intended for partner groups which share their funding. The investment by each member is reduced for maximum return.
The partners control the progress of the project and take part in its technical direction.
Institut de Soudure is in charge of undertaking all the work. No resources need to be assigned by the partners.
On completion of the study, the latter own the rights to exploit the results.
For a previously agreed confidentiality period, the participants and Institut de Soudure are bound by a partnership agreement.

Lean Duplex Project


Studies for the profession

The “Commission Interprofessionnelle de Soudage de la Fédération des Industries Mécaniques” (CIS-FIM) is tasked with initiating and supervising the proper execution of research work, intended for FIM-member industries, using welding and manufacturers of welding equipment and filler metals.
This research work is undertaken entirely by Institut de Soudure.
Refer to the descriptive sheets on the studies conducted in 2009 and 2010 in the context of CISFIM