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 First TODF certifications at Yutz

Christian Bracquart, Manager of CIFM Centre No.10, Michel Cence, IS Experts department and Sylvie Bittendiebel, R&D NDT engineer, at the Institut de Soudure

 Cofrend, in partnership with Institut de Soudure, established TOFD certification in France.

In France, the profession has organised itself to elaborate personnel certification in the use of the TOFD method. Until recently, personnel could only be certified in the United Kingdom or in Holland, the only European states to have established a certification system for personnel. For that reason, last year, Institut de Soudure elaborated a reference document: IS.US.319.22, at the request of prime contractors in the Oil & Gas industry, who are increasingly adopting this ultrasonic method in preference to the conventional method and industrial X-ray.
Following that project, Cofrend at the beginning of 2011 also established TOFD certification in France. Both Cofrend CIFM certification centres, which are run by Institut de Soudure, at Yutz (No.10) and at Villepinte (No.12), were audited on 25th March and 18th April 2011 respectively. They were each given a satisfactory rating for the TOFD certification session.
The first session at Yutz took place after the audit, on 2nd May 2011, with Michel Cence from IS Expert, as the candidate.
In order to apply as a candidate for TOFD certification, three prerequisites must be satisfied:
to hold a valid UT level 2 certification in the CIFM committee, apart from the Mechanical sector;
to have at least six months' experience of the method;
to have attended a UT TOFD course of at least thirty-five hours.


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