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 Gamma-Prox near Paris

With Gamma-Prox, even during daytime, there was no need to close the local shops, or to interrupt the traffic on this main road.

 Gamma-Prox, the close-proximity radiography technology patented by Institut de Soudure Group, has once again demonstrated all its advantages

In the context of daytime operations, in urban environments, in the outskirts of Paris, Gamma-Prox, the close-proximity radiography technology patented by Institut de Soudure, combined with the use of an Iridium 192 radioactive source, has once again demonstrated all its advantages.

The centre at Ile-de-France Nord intervened this summer on gas pipes, at Epinay-sur-Seine, at the request of a contractor. Five operations were conducted to X-ray thirty welds. “We had not yet had any opportunity to use the attenuator patented by Institut de Soudure and we were rather reticent due to our lack of knowledge,” explained the Ile-de-France Nord technician. “Now, we recommend its use to all our customers for daytime operations, as well as to all the Institut de Soudure inspectors!” Indeed, Gamma-Prox reduces the dose rates and the dosimetry compared with a conventional collimator, not only for the public, but also for radiologists.

For this operation, in a street and in trenches, the scanning zone was restricted to a mere two metres, without any need to close off the main road or to close the local shops, and without holding up the work. This lack of constraints was of prime importance to the customer.

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