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 Institut de Soudure Group announces the creation of a joint-venture in China


 Sylvain de Lescazes, President of Institut de Soudure Group, and Liu Wei, Chairman of GTEC, today signed in Shenzhen China a joint-venture agreement...

Sylvain de Lescazes, President of Institut de Soudure Group, and Liu Wei, Chairman of GTEC, today signed in Shenzhen China a joint-venture agreement to propose to the Chinese manufacturers and also to the Chinese subsidiaries of French industrial enterprises a complete range of services, from NDT to expertise but also inspection, technical assistance and professional training.
In 2016, a materials testing laboratory will enhance the range of services by offering destructive testing activities to the customers.
The joint-venture to be named “Institut de Soudure Shenzhen Technology” will provide services especially in the energy, aeronautics and transport sectors on highly dynamic markets. The Chinese industrial market, already the world's leading market, is still developing strongly and represents great potential, especially in the energy sector.

Institut de Soudure Group brings to the joint-venture its expertise and its know-how based on more than one hundred years of experience in the field of welding, joining and associated control. With more than 8,000 customers, the Group has a clear understanding of customers’ expectations and offers a rare combination of industrial service, research education and training. GTEC for its part provides its knowledge of the Chinese energy market, and its environment based on an established environment network. It will also bring to the joint-venture trained and qualified personnel, supported by the research laboratory of the prestigious Tsinghua University.

The joint-venture also gives the possibility to Institut de Soudure Group to accompany its European customers in their development on the Chinese market, especially in the energy sector and to provide the Chinese electricity companies with the Group's expertise and know-how acquired in the French sector.

This joint venture also creates opportunities for Institut de Soudure Group to accompany Chinese customers abroad by being one of their reference partners in their development in Europe, Africa and Asia.

For Sylvain de Lescazes "through this joint-venture, Institut de Soudure Group thus confirms its diversification and internationalization strategy launched several years ago. Although the Oil & Gas sector remains key to the Group, we continue to develop activities, both in France and abroad, in other sectors such as the nuclear and aeronautics markets".

For GTEC, this cooperation opens much faster development perspectives by calling on the expertise and the competences of Institut de Soudure Group.

GTEC's profile

Founded in April 2014, GTEC is based in Shenzhen. Its founders have very good knowledge of the Chinese energy market as they have carried out multiple missions for the thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and the University of Tsinghua. Many GTEC collaborators also have several years of experience in the services to the industry and the development of energy technologies both on the Chinese market and abroad. GTEC benefits from a substantial scientific research capability and high-tech test facilities thanks to the support provided by the Tsinghua University. GTEC has access to an extended network for its development on the very large Chinese nuclear power station market. GTEC focuses its development strategy in the metallurgical sector on the sustainability of capital goods market, expertise and corrosion. Its vocation is to contribute towards improving the safety of the equipment in the energy sector.