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 New management in Indonesia

Handover of the keys between Berth Jootje Rajo and Pascal Vuylsteke

 A local candidate, namely Berth Jootje Rako at the head of our Indonesian subsidiary.

At the head of our Indonesian subsidiary, our International Management has decided to appoint a local candidate, namely Berth Jootje Rako, who is able to offer his considerable expertise in the exploration-production sector.
He is taking over from Pascal Vuylsteke, who wished to return home to France and who took up his new post as Director for the Normandy Region, on 1st September 2011.
Beerth Jootje Rako has worked for forty years in various offshore fields, for Total E&P Indonesia. He is a graduate of the Cepu Oil & Gas Academy, as well as of the Ecole Supérieure des Pétroles et Moteurs (ENSPM — IFP School), specialising in Drilling and Extraction. A practical man, he has successively occupied posts as offshore operations supervisor, terminal superintendent, field director and QHSE manager.
Since he retired in 2003, Berth Jootje Rako has represented Total for institutional relations and has acted as a consultant in risk management.
At the end of July, after several weeks of hard work, the Institut de Soudure Indonesia team won a request for proposals for two offshore gas fields at Sisi Nubi 2B and Peciko 7. The contract covers 18 months of services, involving manufacturing supervision. The first assignments will begin as early as October. This success comes on top of the start-up of the South Mahakam field, which was delayed several times by Total E&P Indonesia, due to administrative problems.

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