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 Institut de Soudure Group is branching out and strengthening its position on the composite market


 Sylvain de Lescazes, Chairman of Institut de Soudure Group, today signed with Claude Trink, Chairman of PPE (Pôle de Plasturgie de l’Est), an agreement between the two entities which strengthens the position of Institut de Soudure Group on the composite market.

By way of this agreement, Institut de Soudure Group will be able to extend its activities, mainly focused on metal materials, to composite materials. The Group thus puts itself on a high-growth market, particularly in the transport sector: the aeronautics and automotive industries.


Thanks to its national and international network and to its portfolio of over 8,000 clients, this operation shall largely contribute to the Institut de Soudure Group's development in the composite materials sector. Its ambition is to become a leader in the fields of multi-material assembly and associated NDT.

By integrating PPE's R&D and engineering activities into its scope, Institut de Soudure Group forms its fourth industrial platform for developing assembly and inspection technologies for industrial companies. The composite platform, which will allow development of transformation processes for continuous-fibre composite materials completes the assembly, mechanical & corrosion and industrial maintenance platforms.


Institut de Soudure Group and PPE have complementary activities and have been working together since 2007, on European R&D projects and also via their joint subsidiary, Composite Integrity, created in 2010 and specialised in the non-destructive testing of composite parts. The signed agreement allows the Institut de Soudure to gain full control of this subsidiary, which will have a mechanical testing and analysis lab for material composites transferred by PPE. This lab is undergoing substantial investment to bring its aeronautical certifications up to standard and to acquire new chemical and mechanical characterisation equipment. It will be operational in the coming weeks.


For Sylvain de Lescazes, "this agreement is part of the Group's strategy which involves diversifying its activities, external growth operations and its continued effort in terms of research and innovation. It allows the Group to develop its expertise and its support to industrial companies in the fields of materials, assemblies and associated techniques. Thanks to the strength of the Institut de Soudure Group's network, the agreement also contributes to sustaining jobs in the Saint-Avold and Porcelette area".





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