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 Institut de Soudure is equipped with variants of the MIG-MAG process


 Thanks to a partnership with EWM, Institut de Soudure's joining laboratory now benefits from a new installation offering MIG-MAG variants.

The joining laboratory benefits from an additional permanent installation offering several variants of the MIG-MAG welding process, thanks to a partnership with EWM, a member company of  Institut de Soudure.

This equipment includes mainly an Alpha Q 551 generator, a multi-process inverter with two variants of the MIG-MAG process. The low energy variant ColdArc© is well suited to welding without deformation of low thickness parts, as well as to welding of thicker parts, in order to carry out penetration passes. The high energy variant ForceArc© increases productivity and reduces costs, particularly in the preparation of parts to be assembled, thanks to penetration depths of 6 mm.

Through the intermediary of this partnership, Institut de Soudure brings to EWM its know-how in the field of assembling and offers a wide range of tests for validating assemblies that are produced. The functionalities offered by the ColdArc© and ForceArc© variants will be proposed in certain studies and services from Institut de Soudure, in line with their adequacy with the industrial problematic.


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