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Audit in Sardinia

Testing of knee welds by phased array in a manufacturing workshop

Audit a company in charge of testing welded joints by TOFD and Phased Array

The IS Experts cluster was commissioned by Technip Italy to audit the company in charge of testing welded joints by TOFD and Phased Array, in the Sices Group’s workshop, in Porto Torres, Italy. This is where the boilermaker manufactures extremely thick reactors (250 mm).

The IS Experts’ mission involved providing technical supervision and verifying that all technical choices made by the sub-contractor in charge of NDT were relevant and in compliance with both Technip’s expectations and the rules governing pressure equipment.

The IS Experts’ auditor also checked the implementation of each testing process and the detection results. As a result, he proposed corrective measures and revised the two testing procedures for TOFD and Phased Array. IS Experts managed to reinforce the customer’s confidence in its sub-contractors and to thus support the choice to delocalize manufacturing activities.

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