Welding : a promising range of jobs

Institut de Soudure, in the capacity of technical centre, plays an active part in developing welding skills.
It does so, not only through its activities of professional training and higher education, but also by participating in the promotion of these skills to the general public, and in particular to young people.

Institut de Soudure, partner of the World Skills Competition.

This competition, under the aegis of WorldSkills International, is held once every two years, bringing together more than 1,000 candidates under the age of 23 from all continents. It covers some forty skills. The World Skills Competition takes place in three stages: regional selections, national final and worldwide competition on World Skills.
At each edition, Institute de Soudure, as an Industry Sector partner, trains young people in Welding skills.
Institut de Soudure has been awarded four Gold Medals in the national competition:

Sébastien Corbeau in 2001, today a trainer at Institut de Soudure

Jonathan Nolleau in 2007

Marine Bregeon in 2009: in 2011 Marine was invited by TV programme planning (TF1  evening news)  to talk about her enthusiasm for welding, her success at the World Skills Competition, and her career as a woman trainer in welding.

Guillaume Masure in 2011, today a trianer at Institut de Soudure.


 Marine Bregeon, Gold medal - 2009





Guillaume Masure (centre), Gold medal - 2011