Experts at the service of a profession


Since its founding in 1905, Institut de Soudure has included the big names in chemistry, metallurgy and welding, such as Georges Claude (liquefaction of air), Marcellin Berthelot (synthesis of acetylene in 1862), Raoul Amédéo (weldability of alloys in 1909), Henry Granjon, André Leroy.


    André Leroy



They contributed to the development of welded constructions in all fields: properties of materials and their in-service behaviour, design and stress calculation of structures, choice and implementation of welding processes, training and qualification of welders, inspection and testing of welded assemblies, regulatory inspection etc.

Today, Institut de Soudure is ever more called upon to exercise its role as expert in the fields of materials, welding processes, design, inspection and testing of equipment

These fields are under the direction of four "Fellows", who are internationally renowned senior experts:

Daniel Chauveau

Non Destructive Testing​

Gérard Dadian

Investigations, Stress Calculations, Design​

Michel Rousseau

Inspection and Regulations​

Fabrice Scandella

Materials and Processes​

International recognition: these "Fellow" experts have published numerous papers. They regularly take part into international conferences and direct expert networks. They contribute to the design of new products and to the selection of development paths for Institut de Soudure. They are the preferred contacts for our customers on the more complex problems.

The "Fellow" experts are supported in their missions by teams of engineers and technicians, who are also experts in their own right in their respective fields and who are at the service of the world of industry.