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 Our means

Institut de Soudure Group represents a vast set of human and material means, aimed at helping industry to enhance its performance.

More than 1,000 employees provide their expertise in inspection, testing, training, stress calculation and design, failure analysis and research. Our inspectors and operators hold a wide range of approvals and certifications, enabling them to intervene world-wide, on a great variety of equipment.

27 centres in continental France provide local inspection, testing, training, and investigation and certification services.

Locations in France

7 establishments outside Europe: China, Morocco, Nigeria, Thailand and in the French Overseas Dominions and Territories.

International locations

Industrial Welding Technique Centre (CTI), located in Lorraine, combines the R&D facilities for welding, in-service characterisation of assemblies and non-destructive testing, as well as a documentation centre.

 Technical R&D centre

Material Testing Platform: 800 square-metre premises at Villepinte, dedicated to the characterisation of metals and assemblies.

   Material Testing Platform

Corrosion Platform under H2S in Thailand.

Two training schools: École Supérieure du Soudage et de ses Applications (ESSA), and École d’Adaptation aux Profes​sions du Soudage (EAPS) which respectively train engineers and senior technicians to become welding specialists.

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