Missions and Values

Institut de Soudure Group provides the highest performance solutions to the needs of industry, wherever they are in the world, during the equipment design, manufacture and maintenance phases.

Institut de Soudure Group conducts its service and design missions in full compliance with its values:

Listening to customers

Listening to our customers enables us to apprehend the current and future needs of industry and to elaborate the solutions required to achieve their full satisfaction.


Institut de Soudure Group makes use of all the skills, know-how and facilities which it has available – in particular those of its Research and Development centre – to devise innovative solutions, which industry will need tomorrow, and to develop them through to industrialisation and their full implementation by the customer.
Patents and innovation


Institut de Soudure Group establishes partnerships both with its suppliers, in order to reinforce its range of services and to broaden its skills, and also with its customers, in order to provide them with the best possible services.


Institut de Soudure Group, with its 25 centres in France and 10 establishments outside Europe, wishes to remain close to its customers and to be able to provide them with a range of services suited to their cultural and geographical particularities.
Our sites in France​ Our sites abroad​

Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness is essential for Institut de Soudure Group to be able to guarantee the long-term quality of its services, and thus ensure the durability of its own development.


The requirements in this domain are unlimited, as the policy adopted by Institut de Soudure Group is based on continuous improvement. The satisfaction of our customers and of the appropriate authorities is our highest priority.


Risk management is of prime importance throughout our interventions. It ensures we keep the confidence of our customers.

Involvement and satisfaction of our employees

The involvement and satisfaction of our employees are essential to the growth of our company. For that reason, Institut de Soudure Group has established an ambitious training and career development policy.  
Salary policy


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