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 Rubrique Études et Recherche : Management of welding operations with high strength steels

Soudage et techniques connexes, juillet-août 2012, vol.66, no7/8

 Whatever the method used to define the procedure qualification, the welding conditions with high strength steels can not be efficient if stringent procedures are not applied…

​High strength steels find ever increasing applications for several reasons:

- reducing the weight of structures,
- improving equipment performance,
- reducing costs (shipping, smaller lifting equipment, time required for welding operations…).

For steels with a yield strength up to 700 MPa, welding problems and issues are well known. However, welding operations are not always well conducted. For yield strength over 700 MPa, problems such as mismatch… are not fully predictabled.

In fact, the higher the yield strength of a steel, the more important are the following two issues :

- cold cracking risks,
- mechanical properties of the weld joints (yield strength, tensile strength, toughness…).

Achieving both good soundness and mechanical properties of the weld joint has been assessed in a lot of studies. However achieving this level of quality on site is another matter.

How can one be sure of getting a perfect control of :

- welding heat input ?
- preheating and postheating conditions ?
- diffusible hydrogen content of welding consumables ?
- behaviour of different batches of steels and consumables ?

This paper presents :

- the stakes of welding high strength steels,
- a discussion about some standards such as EN 10025-6,
- some works in progress at Institut de Soudure,
- typical problems that can occur if welding operations are not well managed,
- some points of views about managing welding operations with high strength steels.

Authors : Pascal Dainelli, François Maltrud, Institut de Soudure
6 pages, 14 references


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