About IS Industrie Thailand

Since 2009, Institut de Soudure Thailand, a subsidiary of the French Institut de Soudure Groupe has been proposing locally a wide range of services towards the industry which aim to enhance product quality & reliability, reduce rework, improve efficiency & profitability, increase safety and service life or installations and reduce maintenance costs. These services which are offered in line with the corporate priority objective of quality and reliability notably include:
  • Third party Inspection,
  • Non Destructive Testing with conventional and Advanced Methods,
  • Material testing (Mechanical testing, Chemical analysis and H2S Corrosion Testing),
  • Expertise, Failure Analysis, Characterization of Materials,
  • Training, Qualification and Certification of Personnel in Welding and Non Destructive Testing;
  • Consultancy for welding and equipment design and Research & Development in Materials, Chemistry and Corrosion.