​You design, build or maintain aircraft or spacecraft, to achieve safety, performances, reliability and competitiveness.

Institut de Soudure can assist you throughout your project by providing specific solutions to your needs at all stages of a project.

  • Studies - Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance

  • Training - Certification

​Our technological Assembly and Mechanics – Corrosion platforms are available to help you carry out any studies necessary to define which of the most innovative welding processes (hybrid Laser welding, FSW, TopTIG, Resistance welding) will best help you achieve the quality and reliability required by aeronautics.

The NDT platform will assist you in choosing or developing the inspection technique best suited to your application, regardless of whether your product is metallic or is made of a composite material.  If it is composite, our Composite Integrity subsidiary jointly owned with the PPE (East Plastics Technology Centre) will handle your request.  Digital simulation of welding or inspections (Civa software) will validate the methods studied.

​We will work with you during manufacturing of your products, to qualify your welders according to standard ISO394, and your welding procedures.

We will help you verify the quality of your equipment by carrying out appropriate non destructive tests after welding operations, including ultrasound tests on qualification test pieces, C-Scan inspections on composite parts, thickness measurements, in-situ tests by fluorescent dye penetration, peeling tests, X-ray weld inspections, tape tests.

Most of these inspections and tests will be made by personnel certified by the Aerospace Sectorial certification committee of the French Non-destructive Tests Confederation (Cosac).

​Our experts will help you determine causes of failures or defects that occurred in service and will advise you about the re-design or repair of your products so that you can achieve a maximum degree of safety.

​We will assist you in developing the welding and NDT skills of your personnel.  We will keep you informed about aeronautical standard ISO 24394 and prepare your personnel for the theoretical examination to this standard ISO 24394.

We provide training courses in preparation for certification of personnel responsible for electronic soldering, electronic crimping and visual inspection of electronic soldering for space applications (certification according to the European Space Agency standards).