Since the construction of the first oil and gas pipelines in France, Algeria and Tunisia, Institut de Soudure Group has maintained close ties with the Oil & Gas, chemical and petrochemical sectors. We are positioned as a partner and independent third party to monitor production, ensure compliance of new equipment or re-qualify equipment already in service, such as manifolds, transmission pipelines, compressor stations, piping, stacks, heat exchangers, storage spheres or any other element of an industrial facility.


You design, build or operate off-shore or on-shore oil or gas production facilities: floating production units (FPU), Tension Leg Platforms (TLP), seabed-to-surface connecting lines, etc.

Regardless of where your project is located in the world, our teams can support you, on your sites and on your sub-contractor’s sites.


You are active in the refining sector. The diversity of materials implemented, the facility’s operating conditions, regulations or specifications are the sources of numerous requirements.

We have solutions to assess compliance, ensure integrity and extend the lifespan of pressure equipment and piping within the framework of a shutdown or in-service maintenance operations.




You are in charge of designing, building or operating transport and distribution facilities.

We propose services and solutions from design through to maintenance of your components, including staff training.


You design, build or operate storage facilities. It is important to check the integrity and compliance of tanks to avoid accidental leaks of hazardous substances.

Our specialised operational teams operate in France and internationally to implement various solutions to inspect and optimise maintenance of your tanks.

Storage equipment



You design, build or operate industrial chemical or petrochemical facilities.

Constraints relating to the materials used, construction lead times, production and monitoring requirements are numerous.

Institut de Soudure Group supports you with concrete solutions to your requirements in the study and design, production, maintenance and training phases.

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