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We provide our partners with developments, innovation and technology transfer in welding and related techniques. We implement our platforms through our experts to support you throughout the life of your projects.


Institut de Soudure implements turnkey solutions to meet your requirements in the shortest lead times.

Technical assistance

Welding problems are many and they are complex. It can sometimes take a very long time and be extremely expensive to make the right diagnosis during production.

Our team of experts is ready to intervene very quickly at your sites, nationally and internationally, to find the right solution and allow your production to continue.

Development of a welding procedure

mise-au-point-mode-opératoire-de-soudage-DMOSDespite its widespread use, welding is a complex technology. In fact, a lovely external appearance does not necessarily indicate good-quality welding.

We can develop or analyse welding procedures with a view to producing a demonstrator or identifying areas for optimisation.

To do this, the laboratory is equipped with conventional and innovative processes, but can also acquire equipment (through hire / partnership) to adapt to your requirement:

  • TIG (manual, automatic linear, etc.),
  • Orbital TIG (open head),
  • MIG-MAG (conventional technologies and controlled low and high energy regimes),
  • Submerged arc,
  • Shielded metal arc (manual, automatic, etc.),
  • Resistance welding.

If you want to qualify your welding consumables, we propose qualifications in accordance with, ASME, RCC-M and different applicable standards.


CTOD-K1C-dadNThe behaviour of a material or an assembly with a defect can be studied thanks to fracture mechanics testing. There are different tests to determine parameters such as CTOD, KIC or JIC (monotonic or quasi-static loading) or da /dN and DK threshold (cyclic loading).

Characterisation of metallic or composite structures

caracterisation-structures-métalliquesThe characterisation of metallic or composite structures makes it possible, on different scales, to establish behavioural laws for materials, to qualify a material or an assembly, to validate a design or to standardise a structure before it is commissioned.

It is often necessary to go through all of these steps when major changes occur: change of materials, welding processes, design processes, etc.

Injection simulation for RTM and infusion processes - Easyperm

Easyperm-Groupe-Institut-de-Soudure-1To optimise injection times and define an optimal injection strategy, rheology studies can be conducted including measuring necessary parameters such as the permeability of a reinforcement.

This measurement is carried out using the EASYPERM® characterisation bench developed and marketed by Institut de Soudure.

Discover the 3D permeability bench Easyperm  

Composite technical assistance

The platform teams can support customers to analyse and appraise materials and parts following accidents and to optimise manufacturing processes. These services can be carried out in situ.


DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) is a measurement method to visualise and quantify the phase changes of a material. Among observable behaviours, we can mention in particular glass transition, the exothermic polymerisation reaction, or the melting or crystallisation point.

Training - E-Learning Composites Academy

From discovering composite materials to the requirements of manufacturing parts, Institut de Soudure Group prepares you for the needs of your contractors and trains you in France and abroad.

Logo composites academy-100We also propose, in partnership with Composites Expert, innovative on-line courses. Composites Academy is the first platform in the transformation of composite materials.

Discover the Composites training courses


With the combined intelligence of its experts, Institut de Soudure designs, develops and supports its partners throughout their R&D process.

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