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We accompany large groups, middle-sized businesses, SMEs and micro-enterprises in their development strategy, thanks to our high added-value expertise, our multi-disciplinary skills and the resources and industrial pilot projects of our research platforms.

Technical referent for welding and associated testing

Institut de Soudure has been the skills hub for joining and associated testing in France for decades. Its research centre is now in Eastern France, in Moselle. It is distributed over three sites in a 50-km radius, with four technological platforms.

The research centre is dedicated to developing and transferring technologies and methods in the following fields:

  • welding,
  • brazing,
  • additive manufacturing processes using welding technologies,
  • non-destructive testing and monitoring techniques,
  • damage to metallic and composite materials.

Institut de Soudure responds to six common challenges faced by major industrial sectors:

  • the safety of people and facilities,
  • competitiveness in manufacturing and testing,
  • reducing the weight of structures,
  • in-service performance of production tools,
  • new training tools,
  • optimisation of the lifespan of industrial facilities.

Institut de Soudure is a member of Symop, the professional organisation of manufacturers and importers of machines and production tools and a member of Institut Carnot ICÉEL. Institut de Soudure is a founding member of the Matéralia competitive cluster.



Four dedicated technical platforms

Institut de Soudure provides solutions to industrial players — large, medium and small industrial businesses — in their development and innovation strategy thanks to:

  • our high added-value expertise,
  • our multi-disciplinary skills,
  • the industrial resources and pilots of our four research platforms:
    • Joining, with FSW and Brazing activities,
    • Mechanics - Corrosion,
    • Non-destructive testing, Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence
    • Composites.

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