The innovation capacity of Insitut de Soudure is broken down into clearly identified industrial challenges and topics  development of cleaner and safer processes, development of rapid inspection techniques, instrumentation for the in-service monitoring of appliances and structures, etc.




Institut de Soudure developed the Caméléon system to meet requirements for automated visual control.

It is an open system that uses the measuring principles of standard ISO 5817 and the associated criteria.

For use in other contexts, such as process monitoring or intermediate controls, bricks have been developed to supply the influential parameters to be measured (chamfer geometry before welding, additive manufacturing geometry, etc.).




The Augmented Welder system has been developed by Institut de Soudure based on connected technologies and smart algorithms for manual welding monitoring.

It is intended to be used in theoretical training (demonstration), practical training (training in gestures and energy control) and manufacturing (process monitoring).

It allows for the real-time monitoring of key parameters (speed, angles, current, voltage, energy, etc.), their recording and also shows alerts to the welder or an inspector.




Gamma-Prox is a system developed by Institut de Soudure to carry out gamma radiography with a reduced security zone.

It implements a precise fastening device, an optimised collimation system and absorbent screens.

It provides an alternative to Iridium 192 and promotes co-activity (daytime shooting, public areas, etc.).


itrack-monitoring-voies-ferrees-ondes-guidees-ultrasonoresI-Track is a railway and track equipment (level crossings, points, expansion devices) monitoring system.

It is a product based on ultrasonic guided wave technology which evaluates on request the internal and external health of the rail.

I-Track ensures maximum security for using tracks while reducing manual monitoring operations.

It implements connected sensors associated with smart algorithms, which can detect the emergence or the evolution of disparities of a few millimetres.

It was developed by Institut de Soudure Group and France Rail Industry with the support of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

This entity of the European Commission receives funding from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.



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