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Resolving complex problems and advising industrial companies

Metallurgical Investigations

Institut de Soudure Group experts work on finding the causes of failures and prolonging the in-service life of equipment. They also advise industrial players in their technological choices.

We have a multi-disciplinary team specialised in expertise, design, calculation and advice. It consists of over 30 specialists in materials, mechanics and welding, able to work on a piece of equipment throughout its entire lifespan: design and manufacturing phases, during service and after decommissioning or incidents.

Stress and structural analysis

Has your equipment broken down or been damaged while in service?

We analyse the cause of damage to equipment and structures to understand its nature and origin: corrosion, erosion, cracking, fracture, fire or accident or other phenomena (breakage, wear, deformation, welding defect, etc.).

We study all types of metal parts, welded or not welded, machined, bolted, rolled, forged or moulded, as well as composite materials.

We carry out material characterisation in situ or in our laboratories situated all over France: on-site chemical analysis, replicas investigation and hardness testing, boat-shape sampling and micro-sample collection, metallographic examination from micro to macro scale, etc.

We analyse parts for legal experts and insurers within the context of legal assessments or within a technical framework at the request of an industrialist.

Design, Calculation, Advice

Our engineers specialised in structural and mechanical calculations support you during design, fabrication and maintenance phases.

We validate the design of pressure equipment, tanks, frames or mechanically welded structures in terms of statics, fatigue or creep via mechanical dimensioning analysis (finite element calculations), under various types of stress: pressure, heat constraints, the equipment’s own weight, snow and wind, earthquakes, etc.

We can advise you on material choices, geometrical modifications, repair procedures or reinforcement solutions.

We are qualified to establish and verify design calculations in a regulatory or non-regulatory framework. The unit is qualified to verify pressure equipment (PE) within the framework of Asap, the French agency that assess pressure equipment, and approved by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) to verify the design of pressure equipment in the nuclear field.

We carry out fitness for service (FFS) studies to determine the harmfulness of any defects detected. The purpose of this approach is to optimise the lifespan of the equipment or structures, to prolong their life or rehabilitate them following an accident.

Consulting services in welding and joining

Our teams of engineers advise you in terms of welding during your design work on components, assemblies or facilities and within the framework of repair or reinforcement work on metal components.

We carry out technical and quality audits in companies that use welding and joining techniques in their manufacturing processes.

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