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Testing and evaluating the quality of your equipment and products

Institut de Soudure Group implements the most innovative testing techniques to validate equipment manufacturing and ensure in-service monitoring.

Non-Destructive Testing

Institut de Soudure Group is involved in non-destructive testing (NDT) of welds. As such, it contributed to the creation of COFREND (French Confederation for Non-Destructive Testing) in 1967.

NDT leader in France, we develop non-destructive testing and monitoring methods suitable for welding, metallic, composite or ceramic materials.

To control the quality of welds, our controllers use standard methods (liquid penetration, magnetoscopy, ultrasonics, radiography) and advanced methods (acoustic emissions, TOFD, ACFM, Phased Array, etc.) when laying pipes, shutting down industrial units (refinery, thermal power plants), inspecting productions (boiler making, aerospace) and maintaining structures.

Through its five testing centres approved by the CIFM committee of COFREND (French Confederation for Non-Destructive Testing), the Group provides access to certifications in the different methods.

In the most technically demanding cases, the Group uses IS Experts, a highly qualified team operating in France and internationally.

Destructive Testing

In France and abroad, Institut de Soudure Group has highly effective destructive testing laboratories to meet your needs for material characterisation and metallurgical analyses.

These platforms are designed to meet your requirements in terms of lead times, quality and productivity, with different types of material testing:

  • mechanical testing,
  • metallographic assessments,
  • corrosion testing,
  • chemical analysis,
  • heat treatments (machining and logistics taken care of),
  • analyses of materials and assemblies.

We carry out:

  • characterisation and certification of metallic and composite materials,
  • welding procedure qualification and welder qualification,
  • test samples,manufacturing and acceptance of prototypes.

The H2S corrosion laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand, performs resistance tests for Sulphide Stress Cracking (SSC), Hydrogen-Initiated Cracking (HIC and SOHIC) as well as ultrasonic tank testing.

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