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 Composite Integrity the composite offer of the Group

Composite Integrity becomes the brand name of all the composite activities of  Institut de Soudure Group... Turn key solutions for industrial needs

Composite Integrity has been 100% integrated to Institut de Soudure Group in March 2016, and now benefits from the integration of the activities and human resources of PPE (Pôle de Plasturgie de l’Est) that became the composite platform of the Group. This new dimension is also linked to the international influence and presence of Institut de Soudure Group.


Building on our reputation in our traditional area of non-destructive testing (NDT) for composite materials, we are expanding our scope to cover :

- material characterisation :Testing of composite materials
- analysis and control in production : Non-Destructive Testing
- process simulation : Research & Development

We use our skills and expertise to help industrial companies inspect their products, optimise them and move towards new manufacturing processes which are adapted to their materials and their sectors of activity. For malfunctions, damages, failures or accidents involving composite material components and structures, we carry out assessments and provide factual responses and proposals for pragmatic, long-term solutions.

We support part producers, designers and subcontractors at every step along the way. Therefore, we help to improve and validate product quality, ensure their conformity and increase their productivity.

Discover Easyperm, the first 3D permeability bench to measure permeability of composite reinforcements!



  Jérôme Raynal
  Composites Sales and Business
  Development Manager
  Phone +33 3 87 92 83 70
  Mobile +33 6 75 98 70 24
  Skype jerome.raynal


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