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 Easyperm, the first 3D permeability measurement bench

Today EASYPERM* is the only system on the market that offers an industrial solution for measuring the permeability of a dry reinforcement through thickness (Z) and in-plane (X, Y).

EASYPERM allows evaluation of the capacity of reinforcement to be impregnated by a liquid resin. This is a crucial step in performing filling simulations for large and complex parts, but also for process optimization in the case of high production rate. 

It can be used to characterize all types of fiber (glass, carbon, aramid, flax, hemp, etc.), while minimizing the amount of material needed.




Easy to implement

Based on patented concepts

Easy import of permeability values in PAM-RTM from ESI

* Copyright Institut de Soudure Group


 X,Y and Z characterization





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