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A group serving the aerospace industry

Production and assembly (OEM)
  • You need to improve the quality of your products, ensure compliance and increase productivity
  • We will assist you in all stages of your production processes : staff training, development and optimisation of your metal alloy and composite assembly
  • We check your production parts at your site or at our workshops, either on a one off basis or as part of a long-term contract.
Aircraft maintenance (MRO)
  • Equipment safety and integrity checks, reduced
    maintenance times
  • We can provide worldwide assistance for all aspects of non-destructive maintenance and control operations: EASA PART 145 approval for composite and metallic aircraft parts.
From metal to composite material

Design, manufacture and in-service monitoring

From metallic to composite, we offer solutions in training, inspection, destructive and non-destructive testing, expertise and research & development.

We help the profession better understand the issues and implications of NF ISO 24394 standard. The aerospace industry must comply with the regulations in force in the field of welding parts, used in aerospace and aeronautics applications.

We will assist you in developing the welding and NDT skills of your personnel. We provide training courses and prepare your staff for the theoretical examination to the standards and personnal certification.

We can also carry out characterization of materials and assemblies:

  • mechanical testing,
  • chemical analyses,
  • metallographic testing.

Institut de Soudure Group provides a complete range of appropriate non-destructive testing services for your parts, in our centres or on your site. We can establish validation of control procedures by our FrANDTB level 3 certified agents.

We have been able to demonstrate our expertise through our accreditations, our approvals and the recognition of our customers, whether for production monitoring (OEM) or maintenance monitoring (MRO).

Indeed, Dassault Aviation, Airbus Hélicopters, Safran and Duqueine have trusted us to support them in the production of their components. And Dassault Falcon Service and Embraer, to carry out maintenance monitoring by our authorised EWIS/CDCCL agents.

Would you like to carry out expertise on high-tech parts for aerospace applications?

Thanks to our laboratories, our experts can accompany you in audit and expertise through:

  • damage and failure analysis,
  • metallographic examinations,
  • defect impact studies, etc.

Our agents provide Nadcap PRI certification support for welding in control and for the process of manufacturing and electronic assembly.

Innovation being a key element for the group, we have a team dedicated to research and development as well as engineering.

We provide you with our laboratory equipment (welding, control) and our skills.And we offer tailor-made solutions for your specific needs.

What solutions does Institut de Soudure Group provide?

Professional training, qualifications and certifications
  • AIR 0191, EN 24394 welding training
  • ESA, IPC, Boeing brazing training
  • The oretical training in metallurgy, welding and composites
  • Training in innovative welding procedures (FSW, laser…)
  • Training in all NDT techniques
  • Introduction to composite materials
  • International diplomas
Materials characterization and testing Metal materials:
  • Static mechanical tests (-55°C; +500°C): tension, bending, folding…
  • Physico-chemical tests: mass spectrometry, plasma, wet analysis, gas analysis...
  • Dynamic tests: fatigue (tensile, rotary bending) on standard specimens and structures (instrument bench)
  • Development of customized tests
  • Corrosion tests standardised according to ASTM G48 and ASTM G150
  • Metallography
Non-destructive testing
  • Level 3 support
  • Individualized training level 3
  • Validation of control procedures by FrANDTB level 3 certified agents (ET, PT, RT, UT, IRT)
Control of parts in house and outside
  • UT: Water jet C-Scan, Phased-array, immersion
  • RT: X-ray radiography, tomography
  • IRT: latest generation automated thermography
  • ET: Eddy current testing
  • PT: New penetrant testing immersion line located in Villepinte, near Paris.
Customer accreditations, approvals and acknowledgements OEM – production monitoring:
  • EN 9100, PRI Nadcap
  • PR5120/5000 Safran
  • Dassault Aviation, Airbus Helicopters, Safran, Duqueine
  • COFRAC ISO17025 (destructive testing)
MRO – maintenance monitoring:
  • Part 145, FR 145.0694
  • Dassault Falcon Service, Embraer
  • Sabena Technics.
Audits and expertise
  • Damage and failure analysis of metallic and composite parts
  • Metallographic and fractographic examination using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • Defect impact studies
  • Examination and characterization of electronic components and printed circuits
  • Expertise and audit of materials
  • Audit, expertise and process optimization
  • Nadcap PRI certification support for welding in control and for the process of manufacturing and electronic assembly
R&D and engineering
  • Process development and engineering for metallic and composite assembly (FSW, laser, induction, resistive…)
  • NDT process development and engineering
  • Development of multi-material assembly solutions
  • Composite applications development and engineering (RTM, infusion...)
  • Manufacturing of prototype parts in our workshops
  • Assistance in the design and assembly of metallic and composite parts
  • Provision of laboratory equipment (welding, control) and skills
  • Integration and development of fabrication methods.

Why choose Institut de Soudure Group?

  • Its operational capabilities in France, Morocco and abroad
  • Latest generation equipment meeting the R&D requirements of the aerospace sector
  • Eligibility for Research Tax Credits
  • EN 4179 FrANDTB training center
  • A new level 3 FrANDTB support service and support for staff training for certification level 3 FrANDTB
  • A NDT Center dedicated to OEM parts located near Paris, equipped with a new penetrant testing immersion line, EN 9100 certified, approved by Safran and a NADCAP agreement on going for the whole methods by the end of 2019.
  • A large range of certifications and agreements: EN 9100, Cofrac, PRI Nadcap, PART 145, PR5120/5000, Airbus Helicopters, Liebherr Aerospace
  • Involvement in all the main professional organisations: COFREND, FrANDTB, Afiap, AFS, IIW, BNAE
  • Its Composite Integrity brand dedicated to the characterization and NDT of composite parts
  • Its participation in major aerospace representations such as GIFAS, GIMAS and clusters including NAE and ASTech


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Our references

  • Diagnostics on the quality of laser welds on aluminum aerospace equipments and assistance on design and realization of welded joins for fatigue resitance improvement
  • Determination of the root cause of the failure of a reduction gear in an aircraft engine
  • Improving control of poly-articulated robots in robotic FSW welding (Corousso project)
  • Development and feasibility of welding of prototype parts in order to be validated by mechanical testing (e.g. nose fuselage demonstrator, FSW welded and mechanically tested for bird strikes within the context of the "OFFSET" project)
  • Switch-over from titanium to composites for structural aircraft parts: design adaptation, definition and simulation of the implementation procedure (RTM-type LCM procedure), creation of prototypes and implementation of manufacturing procedures
  • Definition of UT and IRT checks on carbon composite aerospace parts and production control
  • Project Management for NDT equipment qualification.

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